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Written By: admin - Aug• 24•13

I’m Michael Greenwood. I run a company called Internet Marketing Platinum Ltd. We’re based in the town of Barnsley which is near to Sheffield, Doncaster, Leeds and Rotherham. We’re probably only about a hour and half’s drive from York too. Based in the heart of South Yorkshire, we’re a company that is reasonably priced for what we offer and what we provide is a service that truly is second-to-none.

The core of our business is certainly search engine optimisation (SEO) and helping our clients receive more targeted traffic, and often, more enquiries and sales. We also provide a range of social media marketing and social media management services – we basically not only Tweet, post on Facebook, submit messages to your Google+ account, post YouTube videos and Linkedin…Pinterest lately too, oh and Vimeo, well, you get the idea! Apart from this, we often find that some services really are required by our clients especially when we’re providing them with another service which requires it. What do I mean by this? I’ll explain…if we’re providing SEO, many clients simply expect on-site and off-site SEO. They expect us to change on-page elements on their website and create backlinks. But they also need fresh, new content on their website…they often need a blog. So we design one which looks like their existing website (known as skinning or theming) and implement it. This means that the SEO strategy will be greatly improved and the fresh, new content required by the project can be actioned.

At this point we usually see one of two things. Either the client happily designates the tasks of blog post writing to a member or member’s of their team or they outsource the efforts to us. There are, of course, often variations on this where the client will start to blog post or a member of their team will with good intentions but the quality of the posts will be poor. We do always try to work with the client to guide them in good blog post writing techniques and practices. We impart the keyword research to them. Teach them about LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) and, especially these days, relay the important and not keyword stuffing their blog posts and not over-representing anchor text with money keywords. We teach that branded, naked and generic keywords should be used for the most part of their links and so on.

Sometimes we’ll have a client who starts off well, with excellently constructed blog posts, written and scheduled on a regular basis…but then comes the drop off. The blog posts go from the recommended number per week for that client, to just a few, to zilch! This is when we take over and provide the blog post writing service for the client. It all needs a solid plan though, a good blog post writing strategy is what will not only work but also keep you motivated towards your ultimate goal of search engine domination!

For more info visit http://www.internetmarketingplatinum.com

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