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Why I love writing so much

Written By: admin - Sep• 01•13

So lots of people ask me why I love to write, and bear in mind that I my writing isn’t just for work purposes – I don’t write a little bit in my leisure time too and the two areas do often collide! My typical response when asked why I love writing is that it makes me feel free. Free to create and I do very much like to see my creations grow and grow as I nurture them. I mostly write using my trusty PC with a well-known piece of software that I use for document creation. Using this particular word processor is fun and it is definitely way more appealing than the old typewriter that a guy like me would have to have used had I been born in an earlier era. But I’m very fortunate I guess, to have been lucky enough to be born and raised in an information age where we have the world wide web to learn from. Libraries still exist but people tend to frequent them much less these days and, besides, we have a host of electronic libraries online where we can browse and download books onto our tablet devices and smartphones. Technology is great!

Before I digress further I’ll get back onto the point of why I love writing so much. I like how the initial thoughts and feelings that I put into the process start to come to life as the piece of writing progresses. It’s a wonderful feeling when that what you initial have a concept for in your mind begins to unfold before your very eyes. So whether you write for your job or just for fun you should never underestimate the amount of pleasure that you can get from creating a fantastic piece of work. I love to write these blog posts too and find them to be a great way of channeling my thoughts and feelings. It really is that simple. I tend to create quite a few blog posts and also give out blog writing tips to anyone who will listen. It’s one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. I also love to produce press releases and enjoys the research that comes with doing that too. Wow! What a great feeling when a press release is ready to go out. Just writing a simple article, say a five hundred word or so article can be a challenge, especially if you are out of practice with writing. But the more you write (and let’s face it – all of us writers, at some point, will have had the dreaded writers’s block) you better you get at it. So, whatever you need or want to write, if you’ve ever loaded your word processing application of choice and are raring to go, then just take that time to really put that effort into writing because it can be very fulfilling to create something that is great. Remember to stop for a break every so often whilst writing. Stretch your legs. You know what they say about all work and no play too. You need rest and when you’re working very hard it’s vitally important to make sure that you do get plenty of good quality sleep.

I wish you well with your writing!

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