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Writing effective press releases

Written By: admin - Sep• 01•13

You might have found this article from a Google search because you’re part of a business that needs to get some news out to your clients and prospective clients. If this is the case then you may be aware that having a press release written and distributed can be a fantastic way of getting the word out that your company or organisation has been or is currently doing something that deserves to be shouted about! This can be a fantastic method of supporting your business marketing plan and being proactive about promoting your offerings.

Whether you supply goods or supply services, it’s always a very useful idea to make your target market aware that you exist in the marketplace and that your products or services are what they need. This is the very basis of good marketing and you’d be very surprised at how many businesses get this wrong and go down the wrong path, wasting money as they go. I’d recommend that any business have a marketing plan in place before they even think about starting to spend their budget. I see lots of naive decision makers who start a project but never finish it. This is a waste of money. If you’re going to pursue a campaign then you’re always better to follow it through to the end rather than not seeing it through to the finish and never learning anything much from the venture.

I’m sure you’d like to know how to write an effective press release so I’ll delve lightly into that in this section. The first thing to remember when setting out to write the perfect press release is that you’ll need to have all of your research in front of you when you’re writing it. You’re going to structure your press release properly rather than just writing the press release from start to finish…this is not the right way to write a press release – so ensure that you make your job easier and produce a more effective press release by planning the sections beforehand. Then you almost just have to fit the different sections together – it can be that easy. But, no, wait a second, it isn’t that easy unfortunately you still have to write the sections and this can be challenging but don’t despair – if you’ve got your research there in front of you in preparation for writing your press release then the task should be all the more easier. So don’t delay, start writing your new press release right now and don’t forget to make sure that you’re writing your press release at a time of the day when you’re fresh and focused. For some people this ideal time for writing might be first thing in the morning, for others it might be just before lunch when you’re hungry and more mind is more focused (this might be the opposite for lots of people too!) and for some they are night owls and will work at night when everyone else in tucked up in bed. Whichever time you choose to write your press release, just make sure you write one! Then another! Then another!

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